Turf Installation Guide

We strongly recommend a professional like us to help you out with turf installation since you will be making permanent changes to your available spaces.

1. Mark Off the Area

  • Mark out the area for your new synthetic lawn.
  • Remove the existing lawn and soil up to a  depth of 100mm.
  • If there is an existing irrigation system present it is simply a matter of capping each pop up sprinkler or removing the entire system if possible.
  • Ideally, the sub base will be pitched slightly towards the best direction to allow for water run-off. This can be achieved by running string lines away from the property as well as ensuring that you have a appropriate level across the entire area to be laid. 

2. Install the Base

  • Compact the existing ground with a vibrating plate compactor/wacker.  
  • Fill with 80mm of crushed rocks. Then compact again with a vibrating plate compactor/wacker. 
  • Add a top layer of approx. 5 – 10mm of crusher dust, compact with a vibrating plate compactor/wacker. This ensures that you don’t feel any large protruding rocks when you walk on your turf. 

3. Install the Synthetic Lawn

  • Artificial grass is manufactured with the fibers aligned in a single direction.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure the grain is running in the same direction when laying out the pieces of lawn.

    Remove the manufacturing trim. Cut off any turf that is over hanging your edging, always using a sharp blade. Make sure turf is still appropriately positioned.  When joining your turf together, be sure to use our self adhesive joining tape, no glue is required. Just peel off the back of the joining tape and press firmly along the join.  Nail all the perimeters down at 300mm intervals using 100mm flat head nails.  This must also be applied to the joining seams at the same 300mm intervals. 

4. Adding Sand

  • Brush the lawn up with a power broom or stiff garden broom, brushing against the grain.

    Spread Dried Silica Sand over the lawn as evenly as possible either with a broadcast spreader or by hand/shovel. Approx 3-5kg per sqm.

    Brush again to distribute the sand evenly. Repeat this process for any areas where the fibers are still lying flat.

    The sand infill is important so don’t compromise. Not only does it improve the look of the lawn but more importantly it protects the turf backing from the UV rays.

    Finally, lightly wet the turf with a fine mist to help settle the sand and to prevent the sand from blowing out in the wind.

Turf Installation Accessories

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Self Adhesive joining tape for turf installation
Self Adhesive Joining Tape
Length: 150cm x 5m
Price: $15 per roll
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silica dry sand for turf installation
Silica Dry Sand
Weight: 20Kg
Price: $10 per bag
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flat head nail for turf installation
Flat Head Nails
Price: Qty 20 for $3.6
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u shaped pins for turf installation
U Shaped Pins
Price: Qty 20 for $6
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