Turf Warranty

Thank you for choosing Lucky House Group products. We endeavour to
use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques
in the production of our Synthetic Turf. Our products are manufactured
according to our product specifications. Our product warranty
commitments are as follows:


Lucky House Group synthetic products supplied to you by Lucky House
Group Pty Ltd are guaranteed against defects in workmanship under
normal conditions of use from the date of submit. The 10 year warranty is
subject to an inspection of the installed synthetic turf surface (if requested
by the warranty agent) and is limited to repair or replacement of the
product only. If the synthetic turf surface has not been correctly installed
or to the industry standard (including the preparation of the base) the 10
year warranty may be voided.


  • Damage caused from mishandling, improper maintenance or
    deliberate damage
  • Improper cleaning and maintenance. Corrosive cleaning agents
    and solvents and the use of unfit for purpose.
  • Excessive or extremely heavy traffic
  • Any synthetic turf installed in any areas other than standard
    landscape/sport applications
  • Damage from chemical and/or natural disaster
  • Use in extreme temperatures i.e. minus 40 °c and below or 60 °c
    and above or exposure to continual, intense sun magnification and
    heat radiation.
  • Only flat soled shoes are to be worn on any surface with a pile
    height of less than 40mm. No studs or spikes allowed.
  • Turf shall not be installed within 1 meter of any fence or wall
    which may have the potential to produce double radiation, which has
    been shown to cause significant damage to artificial turf. These
    include: glass, metal, colorbond fence etc. care must also be taken to
    not place ANY objects onto the turf which have the potential to
    become hot or heat the turf.
    For repairs and maintenance services out of warranty scope, we will
    charge the applicable costs.


  • This warranty will take effect from the date of submit.
  • On delivery it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the
    quality and specifications of the turf and check the quantity against the
    invoice. The customer must notify our company of any discrepancies
    within 7 days. 
  • Quality issues should be submitted within 7 days of discovering the
    suspected defect. If the issue is within the scope of the warranty the
    customer will be asked to provide relevant details.
  • Warranty will be deemed void if the synthetic turf is repaired or
    replaced without written agreement from our company.

Lucky House Group Pty Ltd will endeavour to handle all warranty claims
promptly and professionally. Without our consent this warranty is
non-transferable. The final interpretation of this warranty belongs to
Lucky House Group Pty Ltd.

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